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Goin Fore! It Golf Sim Challenge

Goin Fore! It Golf Sim Challenge

Can you learn golf with technolgoy?

Jeremy Tufts is a cyclist who dreams of being able to golf and is obsessed with sports technology. Going against the traditional golf lessons and hours at the course, he will put golf simulator technology and virtual resources to the test while attempting to shoot a sub-80 score on a local course after one year of indoor-only play. Video content will be professionally documented through the lens of a RED camera and produced by professional videographer Devon Lyons to storyline every breakthrough and struggle. We will create a website providing a community for future golfers, including a virtual coach database, training database, and bonus content to capture women and children learning to golf as Jeremy's wife and kids get involved.  He's goin' FORE! It and we want you to be a part of the journey.


Presenting Partner


aboutGolf functions on three basic ideas about the way that golf is played today:

1. Golf is too hard.
2. Golf takes too long.
3. Golf is too expensive.

They've made it their mission to make golf more accessible for seasoned vets as well as those who are new to the game by developing a platform that suits the needs of all skill and income levels. Our values perfectly align, and aboutGOLF has stepped up to prove their technology. 


Partner With Us

Do you think simulators make golf more accessible, easier to learn, and more fun for avid golfers and non-golfers? We certainly do! We are looking for partners who believe in our vision to change the way golf is learned and enjoyed. 

Contact us to learn more about sponsorship levels and how you can be part of the best simulator content on the internet.


YouTube: Every video
Social Media: 2 posts/ week
Podcast: Every episode

Logo Placement: At the end of every video. On a hat or shirt rotating with other sponsors.

Website: Small logo in the website footer and highlighted location within our community section.


Topics: Overview, challenge progression, challenges faced, weekly baseline, how technology is used, club fitting, online coaching, training, wife & kids learning to golf, Q&A, metrics-based education, and more as we learn what is being consumed.

Video: 4 - 7 minutes long / produced 1 - 2 times per week.

Social media: 5 - 6 posts per week and will focus on real-time wins & losses, product highlights, and new features for more frequent audience touch points and engagements.

Web: Our .com will transform into an interactive community for future golfers that will include a resource library, an online coach database, and training plans developed by PGA instructors.


Our initial target audiences are future golfers and newer golfers wanting to learn the game in a less intimidating fashion. Current golfers will learn how to effectively use metrics to practice more efficiently.

We believe we can build this audience more efficiently via promotion from our sponsors' social media followers. Followers of golf technology brands will quickly follow us to track the progress and share our content with friends and family they know who have always wanted to learn the game. This should effectively grow a quick following that will directly benefit our sponsors by introducing brand new customers organically.

**We will utilize content analytics to understand how our content is performing to drive our content creation strategy.

Why Support Goin' FORE! it?

  • Prove your products

    Golf technology fills gaps and reduces barriers of entry that surround the game. As Jeremy proves that non-golfers can learn the game at home before going to the course, your products will be seen as proven and a standout in the industry.

  • Help us break tradition

    Golf is not the easiest sport to pick up and get good enough at to enjoy. Many potential players cannot get to the course as much as they need. Some players have egos so big, that they can't be seen at a course shooting terribly. The technology is there and it's getting very affordable. Let's prove it.

  • Help Golf Grow

    Being introduced and learning the game of golf on a simulator provides future golfers with an unintimidating approach and a much smaller financial commitment, opening the game to a broader audience from the inner cities to Wall Street of all ages.

  • Be part of the journey

    Yes, this sounds crazy and will undoubtedly be a challenge. It's a story that consumers will follow and enjoy. Golfers will love the technology while picking apart my swing. Non-golfers will cheer and take note of my wins & losses while they support me.

    Learned from training to be an elite cyclist, Jeremy will bring a metrics-based approach combined with an almost robot-like dedication to practicing and storytelling the journey. 

  • We are not asking for monetary investment

    In return for advertising, we are asking for products that can be returned at the end of the term if desired. Jeremy has managed world-class race teams, raced for a factory racing team and represented global sponsors for over 15 years as a professional cyclist. So you can have peace of mind your brand will be represented with professionalism and adequately promoted. 

  • An non-traditional customer experience

    Jeremy is quirky and doesn't like to follow trends. Your audience will experience an egoless attempt to break into golf utilizing training mindsets acquired from 10+ years of professional cycling. No club reviews or new and improved ways to fix your slice. Just positivity and a never quit attitude.

  • We are building a community

    Our website will evolve into a place for golfers and non-golfers to obtain up-to-date information about golf simulator technology and how to use it. We will create a positive space for non-golfers & golfers to educate themselves on simulator technology and make industry connections to improve their game at home. 

  • What about clubs and equipment?

    Our hope is that we can eventually get a club and other non-competing equipment sponsors to join the journey. Initially, entry-level clubs will be purchased, and we will document the importance of club fitting by utilizing virtual club fitting technology a few weeks into the challenge and throughout as needed. It's all part of the process that will build content for future golfers to utilize. 

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Meet the Team

Jeremy Tufts

A sales guy by profession and an elite cyclist for fun in need of a new challenge to put his robot brain to. Jeremy has always had a passion for golf and has managed to hack his way around a few courses in the past. With all of his spare time and money focused on bike racing and training, golf never found its way into Jeremy's free time. Jeremy won't stop riding, but he will certainly commit the time and effort into reaching a single-digit handicap in 1 year by only golfing at home. There just isn't much quit in him.

Devon Lyons

Devon is an action sports athlete and professional video production artist. Devon started by creating events with RedBull, pioneered the sport of MTB Enduro in the US, and then built a successful video production business with full-length action sports films, documentaries, and commercials starring some of the world's biggest athletes. He doesn't cut any corners when it comes to technology and equipment, so you can be assured content will look like it's right off a Hollywood desk.

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Let's get started!

Are you ready to be part of this journey? Give us a call, text, or e-mail and we will set up a time to connect.