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Goin Fore! It Golf Sim Challenge

Goin Fore! It Golf Sim Challenge

Can you learn golf with technolgoy?

Jeremy Tufts is a cyclist who dreams of being able to golf and is obsessed with sports technology. As he attempts to change the way golf is traditionally learned and played, he will put golf simulator technology and virtual resources to the test while attempting to break 80 on a local golf course within one year of only playing at his house. Follow along as every breakthrough, struggle, process, and product is professionally documented through the lens of a RED camera and produced by professional videographer Devon Lyons. Onet thing is for certain, Jeremy will be Goin' FORE! it. 

Golf Reach
Showed Interest in Playing
Beginner Golfers in 21'
Played Indoor Only

The Bits

The Studio

Enclosure: Carl's: Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit
Enclosure Panels: Custom OC 703
Impact Screen: Carl's Place Premium
Projector: BenQ LK936ST
Flooring: Turf Factory Direct Putting Elite
Hitting Mat: Carl's Place Anti-Fatigue 4' x 9'
Launch Monitor: AboutGOLF 3Trak
Computer: AboutGOLF Lenovo ThinkPad
Software: AboutGOLF

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Meet the Team

Jeremy Tufts

A sales guy by profession and an elite cyclist for fun in need of a new challenge to put his robot brain to. Jeremy has always had a passion for golf and has managed to hack his way around a few courses in the past. With all of his spare time and money focused on bike racing and training, golf never found its way into Jeremy's free time. Jeremy won't stop riding, but he will certainly commit the time and effort into reaching a single-digit handicap in 1 year by only golfing at home. There just isn't much quit in him.

Devon Lyons

Devon is an action sports athlete and professional video production artist. Devon started by creating events with RedBull, pioneered the sport of MTB Enduro in the US, and then built a successful video production business with full-length action sports films, documentaries, and commercials starring some of the world's biggest athletes. He doesn't cut any corners when it comes to technology and equipment, so you can be assured content will look like it's right off a Hollywood desk.

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